With Chanukah ending today and Christmas practically here (it’s a week from Friday y’all), the end of 2015 is fast approaching and it’s time to start putting a ribbon on the running year that was.


Thumbs up in 2015!

While I’m still in the midst of training with Team To End AIDS for the 2016 Los Angeles Marathon (18 mile run coming up this Saturday), last week’s Lexus LaceUp Riverside Half Marathon represented my final race of the calendar year.

And as I hang my last bit of 2015 bling on my medal rack, I just wanted to take a quick gander back at the year that was for me.

My goals this year were quite different than what I set out to do in 2014. That year I was on a mission and ran like a runner possessed: 17 races in the year, including 3 half marathons in 33 hours. I ended up setting PRs in my 10K, half and full marathon distance.

Quite frankly it exhausted me. And I paid the price in 2015.

I started 2015 running a quartet of races in the first four months:

  • Star Wars Half (Jan)
  • Surf City Half (Feb)
  • LA Marathon (March)
  • Hollywood Half (April)

While I had fun with all of the races, I could tell that I was a bit burnt out. My times were down from 2014 across the board and I didn’t have that normal pep in my step.

…and make sure to have fun!

As a result, I cancelled almost my entire summer race schedule. Other than the Peachtree Roadrace 10K in July (a near annual tradition), I didn’t run a single race from mid-April through early September.

I took an extended break from running for the first time in two years, not really running for a few weeks (just a little run here and there) and letting my body rest up and rejuvenate.

This fall I came back to racing feeling good, but knowing full well that my speed and endurance were still not back to the levels I had in early 2014.

My race goals over the last few months of 2015 was simply to enjoy my runs, setting reasonable time goals and being mindful not to overdo it. I made certain not to schedule half marathons in back-to-back weeks.

I ended my 2015 race season without any significant injuries, which is a huge plus.

Here are the stats (1 full marathon, 8 halfs, 3 10Ks):

  1. Star Wars Half Marathon- 1/18/15 (2:13:39)
  2. Surf City Half Marathon- 2/1/15 (2:16:17)
  3. Los Angeles Marathon- 3/15/15 (5:37:42)
  4. Hollywood Half Marathon- 4/11/15 (2:14:29)
  5. Peachtree Road Race (10K)- 7/4/15 (1:00:51)
  6. REVEL Big Cottonwood Half Marathon- 9/12/15 (2:05:51)
  7. Lexus LaceUp Irvine (10K)- 10/17/15 (1:00:12)
  8. Lexus LaceUp Ventura Half Marathon- 10/24/15 (2:12:45)
  9. REVEL Canyon City Half Marathon- 11/7/15 (2:08:35)
  10. LaceUp Palos Verdes (10K) – 11/14/15 (1:00:11)
  11. Atlanta Half Marathon- 11/26/15 (2:17:04)
  12. LaceUp Riverside Half Marathon- 12/06/15 (2:13:49)

No new PRs this year, but plenty of new bling, a closet full of new tech shirts and most importantly: a huge pile of fun memories.

All in all, a pretty good year.

Run on!

NOTE: And coming next week, a quick look ahead to 2016

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  1. Glad to see that taking a break has helped you find your passion again. I am going through the same thing myself. I really overdid it this year (5 marathons, one ultra, and too many short races to keep track of). I am in the middle of my offseason and trying to get fired up for next year (deliberately skipping Turkey Trots and New Year Resolution Runs). Next year, nothing but half marathons (or less) and sprint triathlons…with a much lighter (and funner schedule…two Star Wars weekends!) The schedule is much lighter but still seems too full for my liking (I was not heartbroken to see a few race date changes causing conflicts and having to cancel three events). It seems to be working as I keep wondering if I should change my Fargo HM to a full (I was saying “never again” to a full marathon just two months ago).

    So, I am moving towards becoming a “recreational runner”, and I am ok with that. I hope we can both find the right balence in 2016…

    • Thanks for the note. Like “The Wall” (and The Matrix), burnout is something you only can understand by experiencing. We runners tend to be an enthusiastic and driven bunch. And when you’re trained to push your limits, sometimes you just don’t listen willingly and your body is forced to make you take notice. So, I’ll definitely keep track of that in the future. Very cool on your runs and knowing to take a break. I’m not doing the Star Wars race this Jan (sold out before I knew for certain if I’d be in town), but I’m sure it’ll be another fun one. We can be marathoners and recreational runners at the same time. Hope to hear more about your races for 2016. Run on!

  2. I can empathise with you totally. I’ve always run a lot of races, but this year has been crazy: 14 x 5ks; 3 x 10k; 2 x 10 miles; 3 x half marathons; 5 x sportives; 1 x duathlon; 2 x aquathlon; 2 x sprint tri; 2 x Olympic triathlon; 2 x 3km swim; 1 x 3.8km swim; 1 x 5km swim; 1 x paired 12 hour relay; 1 x team 24 hour relay and a 17.5km swim. I also spent 3 weeks cycling across Japan and 4 days leading a charity bike ride 400 miles from the Lake District to London. A positive was that I won my Tri Club’s Merit Table, where points are scored by completing events, but a serious downside has been getting motivation to get back out there and train. Next year, I’m going to be more selective about the races I do!!!

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