Hi Everyone,

Look, a real paper.

Look, a real paper.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts.

I have been uber-busy on the work front (post on that in the near future).

Also, a few changes in my running/workout plan (another pending post).

And a few other things are afoot too (yup, probably posts on those as well).

In the meantime, just a quick blurb today. A few weeks ago I got a call from Rachel Bachman, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal (great publication, but could still use a comics section), and she was working on a story about runners and bib transfers. She had read one of my posts on TTK and asked if she could pick my brain for her story.

We chatted on the phone for about 30 minutes and I gave her a few good factual tidbits, as well as a quote or two. In the end, I didn’t get quoted in the article, but that’s okay. As a producer/writer I know that at times even good things need to end up on the editing room floor (or “Kill your darlings” as author Stephen King puts it).

So, Rachel dropped me a note today, thanking me for my help (and wants to use me as a “running” resource in the future) and sent me a link to the article and accompanying video. Click below to check it out.

Click here for the link!

Click here for the link!

“Reading is fundamental”… and Run on!

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