How many of you remember your “golden birthday”?


I plan to be forever 5 inside.

Of course, some of you are now thinking: “What the heck is a golden birthday”?

For those unfortunate souls not in the know, a golden birthday is when your age equals the day of the month in which your were born.

For example, my niece Samantha was born on September 11th (I know, the modern day equivalent to being born on Dec. 7th). Anyway, her golden birthday was her 11th birthday.

I was born on March 14th, 1969, so mine was back in 1983 when I turned 14 (that would be the same year that Return of the Jedi hit theaters).

And for those of you wondering who else was born on March 14th:

  • Billy Crystal
  • Michael Caine
  • Quincy Jones
  • and good ole Albert Einstein

Cupcakes and gold.

Cupcakes and gold.

And what exactly happens on your golden birthday? That depends on whomever is throwing your party. If it’s your folks (as it is with most people whose B-days fall earlier in the month), that might mean an extra present or golden frosting on your cake or gold color balloons.

If it falls in the last few days of the month (when we’re supposed to be adults or at least acting like them) you might get an extra free shot from the bartender or you might be able to finagle a gold trinket or jewelry from your significant other.

Or it might get overlooked… sorry, only one per person. You might be able to get that retroactively if you bug your parents or friends… let me know if that works.

So if that’s a golden birthday… then what the heck is a “golden marathon” you might ask?

And no, it’s not when you binge watch the adventures Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. That would be a “Golden Girls Marathon.” Still fun though.

Nope, I believe I may be the originator of the Golden Marathon phrase (perhaps I should trademark it like Marshawn Lynch does with his “Beast Mode” stuff). If I’m not, then just let me live the delusion for a moment or two.

A “golden marathon” is the particular race where the number of marathons (or full/half marathons in my case) you’ve run equals your age.

As of today, I’ve run 37 half marathons and 8 full marathons… for a grand total of 45.

Not as old as dirt... not quite.

Not as old as dirt… not quite.

On March 14th, I will turn 46 years old (although I still act like I’m 5).

On March 15th, I will run the 2015 LA Marathon (for the 6th time) bringing my race total to 46.

My 46th race on the first full day of my 46th year.

It will be my golden marathon.

Running a race is always a fun time, but this time it might just be worth its weight in gold.

And I can’t think of a better belated B-day present than a marathon PR.

Be golden… and Run on!

So, what race was or will be your “golden marathon”? Share it here on TTK.

P.S.- You can make your golden marathon (or race) be whatever you want… marathons, halfs, 10Ks, 5Ks, all races combined. The only requirement is that it makes you smile and feel a little extra special.

P.S.S- And yes, I do realize you can theoretically have more than one golden marathon. I do. I just ran my 45th marathon/half marathon on Feb. 1st, 2015 (The Surf City Half Marathon) while I was 45.

P.S.S.S.- And please please please don’t confuse a “golden birthday” with a “golden shower.” If you don’t know what that is, that’s quite alright. If you’re really dying to know, google will give you the 411. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor

    Nice! My birthday is also this week, on the 12th, so we are two days apart. Hooray March bdays! I share a birthday with Mitt Romney, Ron Jeremy, Darryl Strawberry, Jack Kerouac and Liza Minnelli – how’s THAT for a motley crew? Best of luck this weekend, and happy early bday!

    • …Happy early B-day to you too! I wish the race itself was on my b-day, something about having the shirt and medal say March 14th. Oh well, one of these years. I’m just hoping it cools down because the forecast is predicting a potential high in the low 90s.

  2. My Golden Marathon/Race won’t be for a few years yet. The LA Marathon will be race 27 for me. Thinking about this concept, it’s very possible for runners to have multiple Golden Races. In fact, if you run one race per year, it’s a lock! Well, you’d have to catch up at some point unless you manage a 5K when you’re one year old . . . you get the idea.

    • True… you could have a golden race each year. Although I think most of us are too addicted to limit ourselves to one race annually. And now you can plan which race you want to be your golden one. Discovering mine (and the fact that it happens the day after my birthday) was just a cool coincidence. Of course looking at the weather for Sunday’s LA Marathon we should start guessing the temperature at the start (somewhere around that of the surface of the sun).

  3. Too much math. You do know that is my worst subject, right, Scott? At first I assumed you meant Golden Birthday as in Golden Wedding Anniversary, so i would have immediately said “Portland Oregon, my 50th Marathon in September 2004, exactly 20 years after my first marathon in Portland Oregon in September 1984.” Then I thought, “OK I will assume the 50 # as golden and relate it to the birthday.” Yea, that would be this year 11/7/2015 when I turn 50, run my 200th lifetime “marathon” which should be 100 miles (Rio Del Lago, California). I guess I have a thing for zeros, but I digress. Be that as it may, as I understand it, my “Golden Birthday” would have been my 18th: 11 + 7. So only counting full marathons (as I don’t run as many halves and as not to confuse matters) I will just celebrate the fact that we will be “tied” after the LA Marathon for the number of a LA Marathon completions with 6 apiece. It will break my record for the most repeated big city marathon, displacing, (you guessed it)-Portland Oregon with 5 prior marathon completions.

    • That is a lot of math (and thought) your doing. True, the “golden” can refer to #50 (which I’ll also hit this year)… and you know I’ll blog about that too. But if you take as “golden birthday” it can be whatever you want it to be. Is this your 6th LA in a row? I skipped 2011 (the monsoon marathon) as I wasn’t in full marathon shape that March. I did a half the next week. This year is looking to be another hot one like last year.

  4. woot woot! I’m a Pi baby, also 🙂

    • Happy early B-day! It’s all about the Pi! Of course March 14th also has another “informal” holiday attached to it. Having to do with “Steak and a (blank)” Day.” Something I didn’t know until someone told me.

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