Hi Trippers!

So just a final bit of leftover fun from last week’s Star Wars Half Marathon. After clicking on the RunDisney website I discovered that I’m “certifiable”… as in I have certificates. And some other goodies.

First off, here’s my stats from the race:

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 1.02.07 PM

And now my inner elementary student wants to run up to mom and give her my participation certificate to proudly post on the fridge (next to that “hand turkey” I did in November). And kudos to Disney as they gave you a trifecta of certificate designs to choose from. Naturally, I picked all three.

And finally I’ve got just a few MarathonFoto photos. I picked an Instagram filter that prints the words “copyright” and “Proof” on top of the pictures so they appear genuine.

Have a good weekend and if you see an ewok… trip ’em.

Run on!

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