Hi everyone!

A ho-ho-holiday.

A Ho-Ho-Holiday.

With my 2014 race season done, it’s time for a little holiday rest and relaxation.

Lindy and I are heading to Atlanta for Ho-Ho-Ho Day and then we’re doing a little driving trip around Georgia and Florida for a week, with stops in Savannah, Daytona, Cape Canaveral (“Woo hoo” NASA) and Sarasota (my old FSU grad film school stomping grounds).

While I’ll be doing a few maintenance runs during my hiatus (when the opportunity allows), I’ll also be taking it a little easy.

And just as my legs could benefit from some reduced mileage, my fingers could use some down time as well. So, Tripping The Kenyans will also be taking a Christmas vacation.

I’ll be back New Year’s Eve with an “end of the year” wrap-up. And I’m looking forward to a festive and run-filled 2015.

Happy Holidays to all… and to all a good run.

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  1. Enjoy the holidays, Scott! And your itinerary sort of has a Beach Boys flavor to it . . . “Savannah, Daytona, come on Sarasota . . . “

  2. Thanks Chris… and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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