Hi Trippers!

Less than three weeks away!

Less than three weeks away!

A big round of thanks to all of you who entered the “Canyon City Cha-Cha” contest.

I’m looking forward to running down the mountains near the Angeles National Forest and into the foothills of Azusa. And I can’t wait to see which of you gets to join the festivities “for free.”

So without further ado… okay, maybe just a little more ado. Ado. Ado. Enough?

The winner of a FREE entry into the REVEL Canyon City Marathon/Half Marathon is:

Christine Rodenbo

For those of you who didn’t win, you can still save some bills on registration. Each of you is eligible to save up to $10 on November 15th’s inaugural running of the REVEL Canyon City Marathon/Half Marathon.

Just join “Team Tripping The Kenyans” for Canyon City by clicking below and you automatically save $5 off of your entry (plus an additional $5 Facebook discount is available at checkout).

Team Tripping The Kenyans- REVEL Canyon City (Nov. 15th)

Have a great week… and Run on!

UPDATE (10/27)

I spoke to Christine this morning and unfortunately an injury is going to keep from running REVEL Canyon City. Christine stated that she looks forward to taking a crack at that course next year when she’s healthy.

Rest up and get healthy; there’s plenty of races to run in the future.

And in a show of good sportsmanship, Christine has passed the prize onto another contestant… and a new winner has been chosen.

Give a shout out to Jamina Irby, who will be running the REVEL Canyon City race on November 15th.

Run on everyone!

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