10 UNDER 10…

Hey Trippers!

Celebrate 10 injury free miles.

Celebrate 10 injury free miles.

A quick post this Saturday, as I need to go pack for my trip to tomorrow morning (for those of you who know me, I am lousy at packing… truly awful).

On the upside, it’s a happy post. Last Saturday I did my first road run back since injuring my hamstring… a challenging 10K. I think I must have left one of my lungs at home that day.

After an okay week working out at the gym, I decided to up my mileage for today to 10 miles in order to get ready for the Peachtree Road Race coming up on Friday.

Mind you, I also have the Shoreline Half Marathon in two weeks, so this should have been my “long prep run,” probably around 13 miles. But rather than overdo it, I decided that a 10-spot of miles would let me know how I’m doing with my injury recovery and still allow me to rack up some decent mileage. I also picked up the pace a bit, planning to do a 10-minute mile.

The info.

The info.

I’m thrilled to say that my left leg didn’t bother me during the run (knock on wood). Clearly my conditioning is still a little off, but I managed to finish (in the heat) with a pace of 9:52 min/mile.

Now it’s time to head east to “The Peach State” for some time with the family and The Peachtree Road Race.

And it’s going to be hot. Temperatures in Atlanta are supposed to be in the 90s this week with humidity hovering around 4 trillion percent.

Can you say “uber-sweaty?”

Monday morning I’ll be shaking off my jetlag and trying to acclimate to the heat/humidity by running at 8am (same as my start time for Peachtree). Hope I don’t melt.

Next week I’ll be highlighting all things Peachtree as I get ready to run this great race for the 9th time (or maybe it’s the 10th time… I need to check).

Have a good weekend and I’ll talk to you again after I switch from PST to EST (yup, TV time zone reference)

Run on!

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  1. Congrats! Glad you’re starting to feel better!

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