Do you like to run “small races” or prefer the company of umpteen thousands of complete strangers?

Here’s the latest “Fast Fact” to make you go “Hmmmmm.”

Run on!



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  1. This is totally going to sound like a cop-out answer, but I like the middle ground. Too crowded, and it can be a drag navigating through other runners (not to mention parking, the expo, etc.) but tiny races lose some of the pageantry (though they can still be a lot of fun). My best experiences are at the popular but not packed races. Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona comes to mind, as well as the Beach Cities series, which you’re obviously familiar with.

    • Not a cop out at all. Sometimes the midsize races have some cool touches missing from other races. I’ll have to try R ‘n’ R Arizona one of these years. I think each size race has it’s own plus and minus… which is why I try to do a blend of ’em too.

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