Do the math!

Do the math!

Here’s a equation for you… 15=18.

No seriously, it does. At least it did for me this morning.

Let me explain or “show your work” as my math teachers always said.

I’m less than two weeks removed from the OC Marathon, which means I’m not fully recovered from that pounding on my body. So I should still be taking it a tad easy on my long runs.

I’m also only two weeks away from the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, so I should be starting to taper and rest up for race day.

So, everything says today should have been a mellow run on the shorter side.

However, this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to run 3 full marathons (and a half marathon for good measure) in less than 3 months.

I still felt the need to get in a last long run of 18 miles to make sure I’m properly prepped for San Diego and to acclimate to the increasing heat.

Makes sense, right? Kinda, sorta, maybe, maybe not?

Well, I can be a bit of a stubborn boy at times and when in doubt, I tend to land on the “overdo it” side of things.

Sometimes it works; sometimes it bites me in the butt. Chomp.

Oh, and did I mention that SoCal is in the middle of a stupid hot heatwave at this particular moment. Yeah, add that to the equation.

So, my game plan for today was a bit of a compromise… a long run of 18-miles at near race pace. And start early enough (7:00am) so I’m done before it gets all “scorched Earth” out there.

Well, this run was a bit off from the get go as I had some equipment problems. For starters, my fuel/water belt wasn’t fitting properly.

On the right path.

On the right path.

On the upside, I have to keep tightening my belt due to a still shrinking waistline (cue Homer Simpson’s “Woo hoo”), but I forgot to fit it snuggly before I started running today. And when you’re full up with water (four 8oz bottles) the belt can get a little cumbersome… especially if it’s too loose and sloshing about. I ended up spending three consecutive walk breaks unsuccessfully trying to fix the bastard before I finally stopped dead in my tracks and clamped that puppy down.

And on top of that, I had a nip slip or should I say two nip slips. My nip guards (aka “man pasties”) fell off early in the run (due in part to me sweating) and my nubbins got rubbed raw. Sorry for the TMI everyone, but hey, we’re runners and dealing with bodily functions/situations goes with the territory. Besides, on one level it’s kinda funny… in an painfully embarrassing “ouchy” sort of way.

Wardrobe malfunctions aside, the run was pretty good early on… starting in Griffith Park and then making my way through Burbank along the Chandler bike path (taking it all the way to the end). On the way back, however, the heat started to take its toll and I think my pace was a little too fast given the conditions and how I was feeling. And since the 15-mile mark was going to be looping back by my car, I decided that would be enough for today.

While I was a tad bit disappointed for not going the full distance, I weighed the upside and downsides. Was logging the three additional “junk” miles really worth it? For once I opted to take a walk on the cautious side.

And I did get a better sense on where I am recovery wise (and handling the heat), so that’s a good thing (I’ll take it).

Now it’s just focusing on tapering and getting ready for San Diego.

And maybe I’ll brush up on my math while I’m at it… 3 marathons= Happy Scott.

Have a great rest o’ the weekend.

Run on!

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