Thumbs not up.

Thumbs not up.

Each morning, my alarm clock goes off between 5:30am and 6:00am. I typically shut off the alarm, spring from my bed, and grab my gym clothes (laid out the night before by my OCD self) so I can start the day with an energizing “sweatfest.”

I said “typically.” Yesterday was not.

Since Sunday morning I’ve been feeling a tad under the weather. Not full on sick mind you, but definitely not 100%… more like 73.5% if you’re being fairly optimistic. I can’t tell if I’ve got a mild cold or am suffering from some spring allergies.

How have I been feeling?


Yeah, I think “meh” pretty much sums it up. Not great, not horrible… just meh.

If I’ve got the flu or a serious chest cold, I will begrudgingly stay home and not work out. I’ll be cranky (on top of being sick), but I do know there are times you just shouldn’t exercise lest you make your sicker (and crankier).

But I can exercise when I’m feeling meh (or at least attempt to workout).

Sometimes a good sweat is all I need to eradicate my meh-ness once and for all and I can walk out of the gym feeling like a million bucks. Other times my meh-ness derails my workout and I leave the gym feeling like $100 in loose change.

Yesterday was the latter.

Meh wear.

Meh wear.

I’m less than two weeks away from the OC Marathon and have essentially started tapering (hardcore taper starts this weekend). My last long run is behind me and now I just need to get myself healthy and rested for my 26.2 mile jaunt on May 4th.

So yesterday was just a standard maintenance run… 5 miles on the treadmill with my speed increasing each mile (good training for negative splits). I could tell from mile one that I was not firing on all cylinders. Sure I was keeping pace, but I was breathing a little harder than I should and my schnoz was a tad bit congested. I tried to stay the course, but decided it would be best to end my run at 4 miles and not push it.

Cutting short a workout never makes me happy. Sure, it was only 1 mile but I feel unsatisfied and antsy when I don’t meet a goal I set (especially when it’s something I’ve done before).

In short, even more meh.

Granted, in the big scheme it was probably a wise move. Better to skimp a little now in order to get back to 100% for the upcoming marathon that really matters.

And workouts are like pizza, even when it’s not great it’s still better than doing without.

But I look forward to fully shaking whatever it is I’ve got and getting back on track.

So, hopefully my workout today (I’ll be in the middle of it when this posts) will fare better. I’ll update to let you know.

“Just say no” to Meh.

Run on!

(How do you handle feeling “meh.”)

UPDATE (4/23 9:45am): Feeling much less meh today. Decent workout this morning, although still taking it a tad easy.



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  1. Hope your workout went well and you are feeling better.
    It’s similar for me, sometimes a good workout takes the meh away, sometimes it only makes me feel worse, physically in mentally. Then I just take a couple of days off everything, rest, eat healthy, cuddle my pillows in bed while watching a few good TV shows and movies, read on my IPad (in bed of course), and after all that, I do feel better. 🙂

    • Not so meh today, fortunately. Hoping I have a good maintenance run tomorrow. But when you’re down sometimes rest is what you need more than anything.

  2. Glad you’re feeling better…I’ll call you when I get home from Birmingham.

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