Just a fun little bonus and some food for the ego. I received an e-mail today from Run Racing premiering their new promo video for The Holiday Half Marathon in Pomona.

I happened to see a familiar face wearing reindeer antlers… and check out the :40 mark for some slow-motion goodness. Ho-Ho-Ho!

Run on!

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  1. They did a really nice video, and you look good!

    • Thanks…I never knew I rocked out in antlers. Perhaps I shall wear them on other occasions.

      • You definitely should. I recommend to a black tie event, it would complement your attire perfectly.

      • Ha…I’d be worried about tuxedo chafing. I have heard rumors that Disney is doing a “Star Wars” themed race next year, and if so I will be decked out as a Jedi. And since I’m doing Disneyland later this fall, I may have to trick myself out for that too (mouse ears anyone).

  2. Antlers for every occasion! 😉

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