The night before the race.

Always a fun (and OCD filled) time for me as I check, double check and triple check my stuff in preparation for tomorrow. I sit at the desk, look over the course and plan my race strategy.


Sit & Think

Of course it’s always a little different being on the road and tonight I’m lounging out at the Double Tree Club Hotel. I live close enough to Surf City (about 50 miles away) that I could have driven down in the morning (early early in the morning, mind you).

But given the parking/traffic headache (20,000 people cramming into this oceanside town) coupled with the 405 freeway being shut down overnight in Orange County (detour, anyone), I decided to pony up for a room, get an extra hour of sleep and use the hotel shuttle to get me to and form the start line. All good.

It can be a little stressful for me to travel overnight for a race because I completely lack the ability to pack properly. Seriously, packing is my friggin’ kryptonite. I suck at it. It takes too long; I pack too much and yet almost always seem to forget something important.

This time I seem to be good. I still brought too much crap, but I appear to have everything I need for tomorrow’s 13.1 mile trek.

Clothes on sofa

Ready for the morn.

And now it’s just the calm before the storm… a storm I can’t wait to dive into and embrace.

So, I’ll set two alarm clocks (yes, I did bring an extra one from home), as well as a wake-up call (for safety), climb into bed and read until the words on the page get blurry.

And tomorrow we race.

Good night… and run on!

(Post Mortem and review tomorrow night)

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  1. Good luck! Hope you are getting some rest.

    • Thanks…had alarm set for 4:45am. Woke up at 3:00. Bet you I sleep tonight.

      • LOL, that’s me the other night, before my race… and just so you know I didn’t sleep well the night after either, the excitement if the race plus the 5 cups of coffee I had that day (smart, tight?) didn’t let me sleep. OK enough about me, and again, good luck to you!

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